Monday, February 8, 2010

Project P

P stand for PT and it's also stand for publicity.
Project P is a project making PT films in conjunction with PT10 anniversary celebration.

Video we are going to make
-History of PTUM
-Memory of PTUM
-TMO of PT10

What we need for this project?
-Tons of picture and video

All ex-execs (including PT01 to PT09) are welcome to help in this project.
Let us continue the spirit of PT.


Anonymous said...

wat is TMO?

33^^ said...


jacqueline khong said...

P stands for Pameran also :P

ykit said...

i like P for Publicity!!! *thumbs up*

Johnson C. said...

TMO = The Making of

Mayb introduction of PTUM oso

Alexander Khoo said...

i want to make PT09 手牵手 MV !!

siew cheng said...

i wan be the model of the MV. hoohoo!